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The Charleston
City Market

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The Charleston City Market

Historical and tasty! 

Welcome solo travel rebel!   


Our French Quarter Charleston Historic Walking tour starts at the glorious Market Hall.  Originally built in 1841 it was modeled after the Temple of the Wingless Victory in Athens, Greece. 


Oh, now that’s fancy if I don’t say so myself.   


Its history runs deep here in the South. 


During the bloody Civil War Charleston was a hotbed of succession.  In fact, it was in that very building the men came from all over the South to enroll in the confederate army. 


And today it operates as the Confederate Museum. 


The Charleston City Market, the old city market that runs under Market Hall and along Market Street, started in 1788 when Charles Pinckney gave this land to the city of Charleston for the purpose of a public market.  Today you’ll find all kinds of local items here and it is one of the most popular spots in Charleston with millions walking its halls every year. 


Originally vendors here sold meat, vegetables and fish.  And without refrigeration, let me tell you, this place smelled bad enough to knock a young dog off a fresh gut wagon.


In the center you’ll find an indoor space knows as the Great Hall.  Looking around ya’ll might be thinking what should I bring home from this cute market? 

If you ask me, you can’t go wrong with a sweetgrass basket.  Oh these homemade gems scream South Carolina.  Sweetgrass baskets are one of the oldest west African art forms in the USA and have been hand made here since the 1700’s.  You’ll find over 50 resident Gullah artisans in the area hand making basket. 


To learn more about Charleston’s French Quarter and its historic spots take our solo smart phone guided walking tour “The French Quarter Historic Charleston.”  On the walking tour you’ll see the most famous sites, the hidden gems and the picturesque alleyways of Charleston’s French Quarter and hear their stories.

Charleston City Market
The French Quarter Historic Charleston Walking TourThe French Quarter Historic Charleston Walking Tour
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The tour begins at the Charleston City Market in Charleston, SC


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