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We love traveling and travel writing.  Check out their reviews of our WalknTours and follow them to learn more about what the experts say is going on in travel!   Great stories and travel tips.


"In Boston, and other cities, there is an app called WalknTours.  Let me tell you that this is by far the best tourist app I've ever experienced.  It's easy to download.  You can select the specific tour you would like to take in that city.  Get to your starting point. And go!!"

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"WalknTours is an ideal app for anyone looking to explore a city on their own. It offers a wide range of self-guided tours that showcase the best of the city, from iconic landmarks to hidden gems. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to search for the tour that fits your interests and book it in just a few taps."

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"We discovered Walk’n Tours in Montgomery, Alabama where we took “The Montgomery Civil Rights Walk of Freedom Walking Tour.” We loved this tour option! 


Walk’n tours offers individual tours for $5.99 each or for $11.99 you can sign up for a year long subscription to all the tours they have to offer. Since dave and I knew we were visiting lots of new places, we signed up for the yearly subscription. So far we have taken tours in Montgomery Alabama, Savannah Georgia, Birmingham Alabama, Charleston South Carolina, and New Orleans Louisiana. With plans to take so many more tours in future cities: Albuquerque New Mexico, Denver Colorado, Portland Oregon, San Francisco California, Sante Fe New Mexico, Seattle Washington, and more. ."

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Our WalknTours are featured in many cities on New England with Love!  Highlights are the Newport and Boston tours.  

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