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Detroit's Spirit
and History Tour

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The Tour

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Tour Overview

I’m Kristin a Detroit local and I’ll be navigating you to Detroit’s hidden gems, artistic Alleys, funky food spots, golden era buildings and sharing their stories. 

Detroit is a city on the rise.  When I was a kid, downtown was a no-go zone.  Today it’s thriving and the people of Detroit are carving out a culture that is authentically D Town.  Let me show you how Detroit is changing.  And let you know about its world changing history along the way. 


The tour starts at Buddy’s on Broadway, the shop that invented Detroit Style Pizza.  So, grab a slice and let’s get this party started. 

You'll see

You'll see an up and rising Detroit and it's historical buildings and statues

The Spirit of Detroit 

Parker Alley

The Belt

The Guardian Building

Campus Martius Park 

Joe Louis Statue

Buddy's Pizza Shop 

The Kern's Clock

Penobscot Building

And much more! 

You'll hear

You'll hear stories of

The Inventors of Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit's artistic rise 

Detroit's firsts

Detroit Sky Scrappers

Detroit's street lights 

The Guardian Building

The Spirit of Detroit 

Hart Plaza 

The Rise, Fall and Rise of Detroit

And much more

The tour begins at Buddy's on Broadway. 


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