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The Ghost of Ernest Hemingway in Key West

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The Ghost of Ernest Hemingway
in Key West

Papa might have never left! 

As the story goes when the Hemingway’s moved back to the US from Paris, they were given a wedding gift from Pauline’s Uncle Gus.      

A brand-new Ford Roadster. 

The plan was to pick up the sleek new Ford Roadster in Key West and cruise up the keys to the mainland. 


To Hemingway’s surprise when they arrived in Key West the car was not in stock.    

So, the owners of the joint, Mr. Trevor and Mr. Morris, offered to put the Hemingway’s in a hotel until the car arrived. The Casa Antigua.  

Two weeks later when the car finally arrived Hemingway had fallen in love with Key West, and he decided to stay in the Casa Antigua for 2 years. 


And years late they bought their famed house at 907 whitehead street, today known as the Hemingway house. 

During his time at Casa Antigua, Hemingway was able to stroll to the fishing boats for deep sea adventures and spend long nights causing trouble at Sloppy Joes. 

He loved it here in Key West.   

And it was also in this hotel that he finished his classic work “A Farewell to Arms”. 

Historic indeed. 

And today a ghost is said to haunt the premises.  It’s unclear of its origin, but those who see him call him the watcher. 

He’s known to wait and watch the pedestrians below as they pass the building.  Maybe he’s watching over Hemingway’s ghost car, ready to ride at any time. 

We do know it’s not Hemingway.  Papa is known to haunt the last stop on our tour. Sloppy Joe's.  

Sloppy Joes is now on the list of nation registered historic places and it’s also the site of the annual Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest. 


As local legend has it that old Hemingway never left his beloved Sloppy Joes. 

Soon after Ernest shot himself in 1961, his spirit began to reappear in these halls. 


Guests have reported seeing Hemingway sitting in his favorite bar stool throwing back a few in the afterlife.  On occasion he can be seen arm wrestling with ghostly apparitions as if he was still in his prime. 

And, on rare occasions, it’s said he stands and walks out the front door.  Only to disappear in thin air. 


It looks like Hemingway is in search of one last drink….for eternity! 

Sloppy Joes.png
Sloppy Joes.png
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The tour begins at Captain Tony's Saloon, Key West, FL.


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