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Key West, FL

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Key West's 
Famous Ghosts Tour

Tour Overview

On our ghostly journey I’ll be guiding you to the most haunted places in Key West including a few old Ernest Hemingway used to frequent. 

You’ll hear the tales of the haunted hard rock cafe, the hanging tree at Captain Tony’s, the ghost of St. Paul’s, The spirits of the Audubon house, The pirates well, the haunted Porter mansion, the doll that inspired the movie Chucky and I’ll even take you to the haunt where it’s said Hemingway appears every now and then.

Be warned.  This tour is not for the faint of heart.  I’ll meet you at Captain Tony’s.  If the ghosts don’t get you first! 

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Key West IntroKey West's Famous Ghosts Tour
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You'll see the spookiest spots in Key West and learn their ghostly stories.  

Captain Tony's Saloon

The Audubon House and Gallery

The Pirates Well

The Haunted Porter Mansion! 

The Spirits of the Hard Rock Cafe

St. Pauls Ghosts 

The Key West Theater 

The Artist's house

The inspiration for the movie Chucky! 

Hemingway's first home in Key West 

Sloppy Joe's

And much more! 

How to Purchase this Tour:
1. (Easiest) Get the WalknTours App on the App Store or Google Play and purchase in App for $5.99
2. Purchase on our site and save if you have a promo code.  

The tour begins at Captain Tony's Saloon


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