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The Ghost of The
Key West Theater

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The Ghosts of The
Key West Theater

Sad and Spooky.....

In the 1830’s this was the location of a small Baptist church. 


And on one dark and stormy day the Priest of St. Paul’s stopped over to visit. 


But to his shock he found his wife in a romantic encounter with the Deacon of the Baptist church. 

In a rage the priest locked the doors, boarded up the windows and set the small wooden church on fire. 

Quickly the church was up in flames killing his tramp wife and house wrecking deacon. 

But in his haste the priest did not realize there were over a dozen children inside.  And they all perished in the fire.    


And it’s the children of those that died here that haunt these grounds.

Get close to the front door.   Visitors say they can hear the screaming and laughing of children here at all times of the day.  And they can feel the heat from the flames that burned them on that horrific day.   

And it’s said if you tap on the windows the ghosts of the children are known to tap back. 


Searching for an escape from the flames. 


Beware.  Tap only if you dare. 

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The tour begins at Captain Tony's Saloon, Key West, FL.


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