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Thank you for booking our San Antonio Ghost tour on Groupon Tour! 
It's tour time!


*Do not purchase the tour in the WalknTours app. Use the code below.  
*If you purchased more than one ticket make sure each user registers a unique account and email address. You will use the same experience code below.
*For the best experience, follow the instructions below before taking your tour.
*It is recommended to download the tour before visiting.
*After you unlock the tour it does not expire and can be taken anytime.
*It's recommended to use headphones

Follow the steps below to take the tour

Step 1: Download the WalknTours app on iPhone or Android.
App Store:
Google Play Store:

Step 2: Register an Account or Login

Step 3: Open the Tour
Select your city as "San Antonio" and click on the tour "San Antonio's Famous Ghosts Walking Tour"
Click "Enter Experience Code"
Enter the Experience Code


Click apply

The tour is unlocked and you can take it anytime.

Step 4: Download the tour
After the tour is unlocked click the "Download" button to download the tour to your phone.

To take the Tour:
Go to the outside of The Alamo in 1836 in Alamo Plaza, just in front of the grassy patch . Open the tour in the app and click the play button. From there you can put your phone in your pocket and follow your guides instructions.

Tips for taking the tour:
1. It's recommended to use headphones or earbuds.
2. It's recommended to download the tour before leaving. Just click "Download" after unlocking the tour.
3. If you go off track, check the arrow in the WalknTours app.

Take the Virtual Walk after your visit to hear the stories again.

Have questions? Email us or call us 617-991-3269 and we will walk you through the set up.


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