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Benson Park, Hudson, NH

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About the Tour

Greetings and welcome to the place once called “The Strangest Farm on Earth”! Benson Park was originally founded by John T. Benson and he opened “Benson’s Wild Animal Farm” back in 1924.

On the tour we will share some of the stories and history about this beautiful place, how it all began and it's history throughout the years.

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Listen to the Intro

Tour IntroTour Intro
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You'll see the one of the most beautiful parks in New Hampshire and on the tour see:

​The Old Shoe
The Elephant Barn
The Tiger Cage
The Old Bear Cage
The Lion Pavilion
The Gorialla Cage
Swan Lake
The Old Train Building
The Site of the Firefly Coaster
The A-Frame

And much more!

Tour Distance

.8 Miles

Tour Length

45 Mins

Starts at

Benson Park Gate

Ends at

The Elephant Barn

It's Tour Time!  How to purchase the tour:

1. Get the WalknTours App on the App Store or Google Play and purchase in App.  

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2. Purchase the tour on our site and get an experience code to unlock the tour.  Purchase below.  

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Why Choose WalknTours?

Go at your own pace and schedule.   WalknTours allows you ditch the tour group and explore on your own, anytime, 24/7.  


All our tours are professionally researched, written, narrated and produced (sound effects/music) to make the story come to life.   All our tours are produced in house allowing for consistently great experiences.

  • We guarantee you'll love it or your money back.  

  • Go at your own pace and schedule.  

  • Profressionally researched, narrated and edited experiences.  

  • Our patented solo walking tour technology (U.S. Patent No.10,959,0510)  

  • Listen again after taking the on location tour

  • The tour never expires.  Go anytime and whenever you want.  


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