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Chicago's Dark Side Haunted Tour

About the Tour

As decades have passed, Chicago has become known for its many icons: the “bean”, Willis Tower, the river walk and its food, yum.

But, as with any city this old, its history isn’t exclusively written in stories of success. Chicago is no stranger to a darker history, a history of a great number of tragedies that have defined it over the years, from sunken ships to fires to mob murders.
It’s these types of happenings that leave behind the spirits of the victims, lingering and haunting the very grounds where life escaped them. We’re going to begin our tour at the site of one of Chicago’s most terrifying incidents, I’ll guide you through the streets to death alley, haunted hotels, restaurants, buildings, river, and the sidewalks showing you the most haunted locations and telling you, their tales.

The tour starts at the Chicago River walk on State Street. I’ll meet you there.

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Listen to the Intro

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Tour Stops

On our haunted tour you'll see:

The Haunted Chicago Riverwalk
The site of the S.S. Eastland Disaster
Chicago City Hall
Jame M. Nederlander Theater
Death Alley
The Old Marshall and Fields Building
The Palmer House Hotel
Exchequer Restaurant
The Fine Arts Building
Congress Plaza Hotel

And much more!

Why Choose WalknTours?

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