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The Ghosts of San Francisco

About the Tour

On this ghoulish adventure you’ll see the old, haunted neighborhoods of Union Square, Nob Hill, the Barbary Coast and Chinatown stopping at 13 haunted locations.

As we explore, I’ll share with you the haunted locations and their spooky stories.  You’ll learn about Chinatown’s dark past, the history of the 1906 earthquake, the gold rush era, the Jazz age and you’ll hear the tales of the ghosts that haunt San Francisco today.  

It’s a tour of history, tragedy, mayhem and of course, ghosts.

The tour begins in Union Square next to the Weston Saint Francis and ends at that that Dragon Gate in Chinatown. The distance is 1.15 miles and takes 1 hour plus, depending on how much you stop.

This is not a tour for the faint of heart.  The tour begins outside the Weston Saint Francis.  

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Listen to the Intro

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Tour Stops

On this ghostly solo walking tour you see and learn about:

The Haunted St. Francis Hotel
The Grace Cathedral 
The Nob Hill Inn
The Occidental Mission Home
The history of the Barbary Coast
Grant Street
California Street
China Town
Hear about the Ghosts of the Great Earthquake
Old Saint Mary's Church
The Dragon Gate
Pagoda Alley

And much more!  To learn more get the WalknTours App on the App Store or Google Play.  

Why Choose WalknTours?

Explore at your own pace and schedule.   Our tours are professionally produced with pro narrators, music and story tellers, unlike the competition.  Our technology is patented.  It's better.  Click here to learn our advantages. 

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