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Charleston Green in the Historic French Quarter

Not every city has its own color. And you can bet your shrimp and grits there is a story behind Charleston’s hometown color. Charleston green.

As you walk around historic Charleston take note of the shutters and doors of the beautiful city. You might just notice while many of the buildings are bright and vibrant colors, many of the shades and doors are a dark green.

That’s called Charleston Green. And it has a history rooted in the south.

As local legend has it when the civil war ended the northern Yankees sent buckets of black paint to the residents to fix up their damaged homes. The damage done during the civil war was indescribable. And you can imagine how they felt when they received buckets of ugly black paint to cover the destruction caused by the war. They were not happy about it one bit. No Sir.

So, the Citizens of Charleston decided to make it all their own and change that yankee black paint into something uniquely theirs. The locals added some southern yellow paint to offset the black.

The result was dark green that today is known as Charleston Green and it’s commonly used on homes and shutters.

Even paints hold a story of the past.

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Wondering what visitors are saying about the tour? Check out a review on TripAdvisor below:

TripAdvisor – Lu. S.


This was a great tour! My husband and I used one phone and each used one Bluetooth earbud. Being able to pause the tour so we could go into a church or stop to get a bite to eat and then resume the tour was awesome! We didn't have to keep up with 10 other people and a guide that we couldn't hear. The app was super easy to use too, and the 'guide' was informative and humorous as well! I hope they have more audio tours of other cities as we will definitely use them. Enjoy!

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