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The Ghost of the Lucas Theater

The Lucas theater originally built in 1921 was the largest theater in Savannah and the first building to provide air conditioning making it a popular spot during the summer. Today it’s one of those haunted spots of Savannah.

A few ghosts are said to haunt the Lucas. The staff at the Lucas have reported hearing applauses when the theater is empty. The Projectors are known to turn on unexpectedly. It’s as if the spirits insist that the show must go on. But that’s not the most famous ghost of the Lucas.

Legend has it the ticket taker died in the streets in 1928.

Some say it was a drive by shooting. Some say it was a hit and run. In any case the ticket boy outside was hit. With his last grasp of air the ticket boy stumbled into the Lucas Theater where he fell to the floor in the lobby and died.

Now his spirit is plagued to repeat his death for eternity.

Visitors have reported seeing a young boy in early 1900’s attire burst through the doors, fall to the floor gasping for breath and vanish into thin air.

It seems tragedy strikes again.

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