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The Ghosts of Boston’s Past – the Haunted Walking Tour

The Revolution ran deep in Boston. Tragedy is no stranger. It’s the perfect recipe for the spirits to rise. And in Boston they are known to rise often.

On our ghostly adventure “The Ghosts of Boston’s Past Walking Tour” discover what goes bump in the night. The smart tour you’ll be guided by the voice of Boston’s Past and he guides you through the haunted streets. Along the way you will see the oldest private library in the US, the oldest and most haunted hotel in New England, Boston’s spookiest burial grounds, the hanging tree, the ghosts of red coats past and many more. But be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart.

A direct quote from the Ghost of Boston's Past:

“I'm the ghost of Boston's past and I'll be guiding you around our ghostly city today. Along the way I'll tell you stories of witches, revolutionary ghosts, the ghost of Tiny Tim and we will see 2 haunted burial grounds. Our tour starts at the Boston Athenaeum. I'll see you there.”

For visitors or travelers it's a scream. Try our Boston haunted walking tour. It's an on demand experience that you can take on your schedule. A smart tour on your smart phone.

To take the tour:

1. Download the WalknTours app

2. Choose the tour “The Ghosts of Boston’s Past Walking Tour”

3. Go to the Boston Athenaeum.

4. Press play, put your phone in your pocket and follow your tour guide on an interactive location aware adventure.

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