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The Haunted Dock Street Theater in Charleston, SC

The historic Dock Street Theater is the oldest performance theater in the US.

And it’s full of plenty of spirts.

Originally built in 1734 as a theater the old building burnt down and was rebuilt again as the Planter’s hotel.

The Planter’s was a hopping spot amongst the wealthily business men in Charleston.

The hotels popularity was mainly due to party atmosphere and the ladies of the night that frequented its halls.

Nettie Dickenson was one of those ladies of the night that often frequented the old Planter’s Inn.

In her youth she was the beautiful and a popular choice of the rich gentleman.

But as she aged, she struggled to keep their interest. The young lassies were getting all the attention.

So, she did what many humans tend to do with ghostly aspirations.

She jumped from the balcony to hear death.

In 1937 the Dock street Theater once again opened its doors.

And since its opening Nettie has been seen on the second floor wearing a red dress, which was custom attire for ladies of the night.

She is said to be sad, wide eyed and beautiful. Possibly looking for a new suiter to pay for her company.

Ladies hold your men tight!

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