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WalknTours launches spooky ghost solo walking tour in San Antonio

WalknTours, the app that offers solo tours for travel rebels launched its newest installment to add to its solo walking tour empire in San Antonio. It’s spooky historical fun!

What spirits are at unrest at the Alamo?

Who lurks around the San Fernando Cathedral?

And what is the deal with the blue book?

There are a few of the many things you’ll discover on the solo haunted walking tour through downtown San Antonio.

The Tour starts at the classic Alamo where you’ll hear the stories of how the Mexican amry tried to burn it to the ground, but because of it’s spiritual protector, they ran with their tales between their legs.

From there you’ll walk through downtown San Antonio stopping at:

· The Buckhorn Saloon – The oldest saloon in San Antonio (this is where Pancho Ville hung)

· the Majestic Theater

· The Sheraton Gunter

· The River Walk

· San Fernando Cathedral where you’ll learn about the people buried in the walls

· The old council house site

· The Aztec

· The Menger Hotel, one of the most haunted sites in the South, including the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt.

You’ll hear the stories of San Antonio’s historic and often bloody past and the ghosts that haunt it’s streets today.

And best of all it’s a solo walking tour on the easy to use and awesome WalknTours app. Want to go at your own pace and schedule?

With WalknTours solo tours you can start anytime. Stop and grab a drink, just pause the tour. Go as fast or as slow you want. Have you ever taken a walking tour and later said "What did the tour guide say?" After taking the tour on location in San Antonio, you'll unlock a virtual tour you can take anytime. The tour never expires. Take it many times. Or listen later to tell the story at home.

Don’t like paying $40 per person on a tour?

WalknTours ‘San Antonio’s Famous Ghosts Walking Tour” is $5.99 for each phone activated. The perfect price for a solo, go at your own pace, fun experience.

And WalknTours is offering a special promo, save $1 on the tour by using the promo code “alamo”. That makes it only $4.99! Best value in San Antonio.

Here is the link to the WalknTours App:

App Store click here

Google Play Store click here

What are travelers saying about the WalknTours app? Here’s a recent review from Haley:

This was extremely fun! I enjoyed that it was very freeing. I could pause and play the guide at any time.It was loads of fun for a great price! Would do another one of these again.” TripAdvisor Review.

Learn more about the tour here:

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