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The Ghosts of St. Augustine's

In 1821 when the yellow fever hit St. Augustine it killed over 400 of its residents. At the time that was more than one third of its population. In a haste the local government buried the rotting corpses of the Huguenot’s in a mass grave today known as the Huguenot Cemetery in St. Augustine.

The Huguenots were the French protestants that escaped persecution in France and contributed greatly to the early years of the American experiment.

And it’s said their spirits haunt the Huguenot Cemetery burial ground. At night orbs can be seen floating. Possibly they are for eternal peace and freedom.

But the most infamous ghost in the Huguenot Cemetery is the spirit of Judge Stickney. Originally buried in this burial ground the old Judge was exhumed for his remains to be moved to the nation’s Capital, Washington DC.

And that’s where his ghostly haunt begins.

While being exhumed the judge’s gold teeth were stolen. His body, minus the gold teeth, were sent to DC to partially rest in peace.

And the judge was not one bit happy about the unauthorized extraction.

The old judge has been seen haunting this burial ground pacing from headstone to headstone wearing his trusty old top hat and coat. Many believe he is in eternally searching for his missing teeth.

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