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The Ghost of Alice Riley - Ghosts of Savannah, GA

Savannah is known as one of the most haunted cities in the US. One of those ghosts that walks these parts is Alice Riley.

Her story began on March 1st, 1734 when William Wise was found dead in his home, murdered by Alice and Richard Riley.

Both were quickly apprehended and sentenced to death by hanging in the hanging square, today known as Wright square.

Richard was quickly executed. But Alice added a twist to our story. She was pregnant.

Alice was allowed to have her baby. But immediately after she met the hangman’s noose.

As legend has it before she was hung, she cursed the city of Savannah. That’s why they say Spanish Moss doesn’t grow on the tree’s in Wrights square.

Today old Alice is said to haunt Wrights Square in search of her lost baby. Her ghost often appears to pregnant women and mothers with infants in hopes of stealing the babies for her own.

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