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New Haven - Historic Yale Walking Tour
  • New Haven - Historic Yale Walking Tour

    Founded in 1701 Yale is the 3rd oldest institution of education in the USA, and some would say the most secretive.

    On our adventure I’ll guide you to New Haven’s historic spots including Yale’s old campus, the New Haven green, The inventors of the Hamburger - Louis Lunch, Grove Street Cemetery and many more.

    Feel free to pause the tour and enter the Yale Art Gallery and see an original Van Gogh, or the Beinecke rare book Library and see the original Gutenberg bible, if they are open during normal visitors’ hours, entrance is free.

    You’ll also see the Tombs of the secret societies of Yale, including Skull and Bones, Book and Snake and Scroll and Keys, and learn about their members.

    The tour starts at the Battel Chapel, I’ll meet you there.

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