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At WalknTours we work super hard to make sure SOLO travelers get the best experiences.  The most flexible, informative and fun tours available on their own schedule.  As a small company, your feedback helps us create better experiences.  Share your feedback here.  

We create experiences we love and use.  That's why we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you don't love your tour follow the steps below and we will refund your money.  

After unlocking a tour there is not expiration on when you use it.  Feel free to use it on this trip or the next.  It will be in your account.  

Promotional tickets 

Promotional tickets received as a free promo have no monetary value and cannot be refunded.

Package promotions

If you purchased a discounted package of two or more tours and you were not 100% satisfied with one of the tours we will refund that portion of the promotional cost paid.  


If you would like a refund please email


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