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Salem, MA

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The Witch City

Welcome to the Witch City. 

Over the centuries these old streets have seen their fair share of murder, torture and mayhem.  That's sure to stir up the spirits.  

Today I'll be guiding you around Salem’s most haunted spots and sharing the stories of its ghostly past. 

Solo Tours

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The Ghosts of 


On our spooky walk you will see the Ropes Mansion, the Witch House, the 2nd oldest cemetery in the US, 2 locations from Hocus Pocus and the most haunted hotels in Salem. 

And you’ll hear the stories of the ghosts that haunt them.  


Beware, this tour is not for the faint of heart.  I’ll meet you at the Ropes Mansion, if the ghosts don’t get you first. 

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