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The Ghost of the
Powder Magazine

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The Ghost of Anna Bonny
The Pirate

She is one tough cookie!

During the revolutionary war countless brave Son’s of Liberty perished defending Charleston from the Red Coats.    

And to this day visitors to the old powder magazine in Charleston, SC, say they see the ghosts of the dead soldiers guarding the gates of the Powder Magazine eternally roaming its grounds.  Tramatic experiences tend to get the spirits to stick around.  

But those haunted entities are not the most infamous ghost that haunts these grounds.  That title goes to Anna Bonny, the fierce female pirate of the high seas. 

If you’re lucky you might just see Anne on our solo haunted walking tour in Charleston.  

From a young age it became clear that Anne was not a girl who could be pushed around.   Legend has it when a young man went in for a kiss without prior consent, she took matters into her own hands stabbing him in the gut with her trusty blade. From then on men approached her with caution. At 16 she finally found suitor to her liking.  The Pirate James Bonney.    And the two were quickly engaged. 

When Anne’s father disagreed with her choice in husband Anne burnt his home to the ground and hit the high seas in search of adventure.  

It’s didn’t take long for Anne to dump James and shack up with Calico Jack, an even manlier pirate.  They lived the pirate’s life ransacking ships, stealing treasure and drinking pirates rum. It was a classic scene out of Pirates of the Caribbean.    Life was good. 

Until the British captured Calico Jack and hung him by the neck for Piracy. 


And I’m not talking about copying DVDs.  

Anne was in a funk and returned to her beloved Charleston, where she lived out her boring old life in peace. 

Local legend has it today Anne Bonny's ghost haunts the old Powder Magazine roaming its grounds for eternity. 

Possibly her spirit is searching of her next pirate adventure.  Many visitors spot her walking the halls and grounds. 

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