Ghosts of Charleston

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The Tour

Tour Overview

Discover Charleston’s Dark History guided by a ghoulish cast of characters that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. 

On our ghostly adventure I will guide you to the most haunted pubs, cemeteries and abandoned prison’s Charleston has to offer. 


And I’ll tell you spooky tales of pirates, ghosts, murder, and with a little luck we might just see a ghost. 


Listen to the introduction to meet you guide.   

Charleston Ghost Tour

You'll see

You'll see the haunted jails, spooky hotels, ghostly pubs and scariest cemetery.  

Provost Dungeon 

Blind Tiger Pub

Dock Street Theater 

The Pirate House 

Poogan's Porch 

St. Philips Church Cemetery 

The Mills House 

The Pink House 

The Circular Church Burial Ground 

Unitarian Church Cemetery

Philadelphia Alley

The Powder Magazine

And that's a short list of highlights.  

You'll hear

You'll hear tales of murder, brothels, slavery and haunting.  

The Whistling Doctor 

The Trench Ghost 

The Ghost of Poogan 

Civil War Ghosts 

Ghosts of Prisoners 

The Lady in Black 

The Ghost of Nettie Dickenson

Ghosts of the Pink House 

The Pirate Ghosts 

The Ghost of Anna Bonney

But to name a few.  

When you share the experience with your friends, you’ll be the scream of the town!

I’ll meet you at the corner of East Bay and Broad street, that’s if you aren’t a yellow belly. 


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