The Underground Railroad

Beacon Hill

Meet the Conductor

Follow Harriet Tubman on the Underground Railroad through the streets and alleys of Beacon Hill uncovering its hidden stations and meet the station masters that once harbored runaway slaves.

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Tour time: 40 - 50 minutes

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Tour Stops

  • The Charles Street Meeting House

  • Station Master Lewis and Harriet Hayden and the torch

  • The First Integrated School in Boston

  • John J Smith

  • Charles Sumner's Birthplace 

  • Vilna Shul and the Station Master August Bond

  • John Coburn's Gaming House and the runaways underneath

  • The Hidden Holmes Alley and the story of freedom

  • The Museum of African American History

  • The oldest African American Church in the USA - The African American Meeting House

  • The story and first person to say "Black is Beautiful'

  • Underground railroad stops

  • And the story of hero Harriet Tubman


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