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The African American
Meeting House

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The African American
Meeting House, Boston

The oldest standing African American Church

Originally built in 1806 the African American Meeting House is the oldest standing African American church in the US.  It's undoubtably a historic site and a must see while in Boston.  The African American Meeting House sites on the North Slope of Beacon Hill, which has historically been known as the poor slope where immigrants lived. 


Just next to the African American Meeting House is the Abiel Smith School.  Built in 1835 the Abiel Smith School was the first public school in America for African American children.  At that time the North slope of Beacon Hill, where you are now, was home to Boston’s free African Americans. 


All of its children were assigned to this school. 

To learn more about Lewis Hayden, see his home, and discover other stops on the underground railroad take our solo walking to "The Underground Railroad Beacon Hill" walking tour. 

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The tour begins at the Charles Street Meeting


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