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Tomochichi Memorial
Savannah, GA

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The Ghosts of Captain Tony's 

This joint has a dark past

Wright square, the second oldest square in Savannah, and one of my favorite spots was originally named Perceval Square after John Perceval. 

Perceval never set foot in Georgia, but he was instrumental in planning, funding and lobbying for the colony from his home in Jolly old England.  I guess you could call him the OG remote worker. 

He even gave the colony its name.  Georgia.  In honor of King George the second.  Oh, you heard me right.  Georgia was named after the King of England. 


The Square was renamed in 1763 to Wright Square in honor of James Wright, the 3rd and last royal governor of Georgia. 


Old James Oglethorpe, the founder of Savannah, didn’t establish Georgia alone.  

No Sir. 

Soon after they arrived in the New World, James Oglethorpe met Tomochichi, the chief of the Yamacraw Indians. 


And in Wright's square you'll find his final resting place, or as it’s known as the Tomochichi memorial, the final resting place of the great Chief. 


It’s safe to say without Tomochichi’s help, there would be no Georgia.  There might not even be Southern soul food. 

Ain’t that a scary thought. 

Old Tomochichi was not only an experienced leader he was one smart fella. 


In 1733 at the wise age of 89 years old he had experience in dealing with the white man.  Both peacefully and hostile.  And he knew a prosperous future meant peace.


So, when he saw Oglethorpe’s ships pull up, he put his experience into action. 


He gave his land to the settles to build the city of Savannah and meditated peace between the native people.  Even in his 90’s he boarded a ship for England where he promoted peace for his people. 


In 1739 When Tomochichi died a traditional pyramid was erected of stones in Wright Square.  


But in 1882 it was replaced by the statue in honor of William Washington Gordon, the founder of the ‘Central of Georgia’ Railroad.


Now that didn’t sit well with the Colonial Dames of the State of Georgia. 

They demanded a new monument made of granite from stone mountain be created in his honor.  And for years they fought. 


Finally, in 1899 Tomochichi was once again honored, as he should be.  And today his legacy stands tall. 

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The tour begins at Johnson Square, Savannah, GA.


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