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Boston Tours


Welcome Solo Rebel Travelers!


You came to the right place to find a wicked awesome Boston experience.

Discover Boston's revolutionary past, it's underground railroad history, little Italy, and if you are lucky you might just see one of those ghosts that go bump in the night on a ghost tour. 

Your friends back home are sure going to be jealous.  

Solo Tours


The Classic Freedom Trail Tour

Walk the Freedom Trail from the Boston Common to it's finish in Charlestown. 


This is a whole day's adventure through downtown Boston, the North End and Charlestown.

The whole tour takes 2 1/2 plus hours.


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Historic Boston Downtown Freedom Trail

Walk the Historic Boston Freedom Trail starting at the Boston Common and ending at the Green Dragon Tavern.  This is the standard Walking Tour.

On our adventure you'll see the cradle of liberty, the burial ground of Sam Adams and Paul Revere and the start point of the Boston Tea Party.  Our most popular tour.  - $5.99

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The North End

Freedom Trail

Explore Boston’s North End along the historic old Freedom Trail. 


Along the way you'll discover its immigrant past, the best spot for a cannoli and food, it’s revolutionary hero’s, midnight rides, one if by land or two if by sea, boxing legends, the oldest burial ground in Boston and the heist of the century.  


bunker hill.JPG


Freedom Trail

On our walking adventure I’ll take you across the river and we will see the music bridge, the Warren Tavern, Bunker Hill, Old Iron Sides, a historic church and much more. 


I’ll share the stories of the battle of bunker hill, the three cranes tavern, Converse, Harvard’s origin, sea battles and the revolution. 





Follow Harriet Tubman on the Underground Railroad through the streets and alleys of Beacon Hill uncovering its hidden stations.  

And along the way you'll learn about the station masters that once harbored runaway slaves.



Ghosts of 


Walk the spooky streets  of Boston in search of what goes bump in the night.  We will see the most haunted hotel in New England, the oldest subway in the USA and the largest burial ground in Boston, the Boston Common. 

Beware, this tour is not for the faint of heart.



Christmas in


Discover Boston's Jingle and Christmas history while walking through gas lit, cobbled stoned streets reminiscent of Charles Dickens. 


On our holiday walking adventure I’ll take you to Boston's secret spots I’ll share the stories of Charles Dickens in Boston and the story of how Christmas was once banned.  


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