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The Boston Common

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The Boston Common

These grounds are revolutionary!

The Boston Common is the oldest public park in the United States dating back to 1634.  Before the revolution it was used as a cow pasture and for hanging criminals. 

On our solo stour on the WalknTours app you'll start here at the Boston Common in Boston discovery it's story.  You'll see the Boston common, the Brewer Fountain and so much more.  

During the revolution it was the headquarters of the British army. 


In recent years The Boston Common, or as locals call it “the Common”, has been the center of celebrations and gatherings. 


Of the many who have spoken here include Martin Luther King, Pope John Paul the second and Bernie Sanders. 

The Boston Common was even the location of the first ever professional football game. 


On a darker note, thousands have been buried in the Boston Common's grounds.  So many that locals say that’s why flowers don’t grow. 


When the puritan’s first arrived here in 1630, as legend has it, they were met by a man riding a bull.  That man was William Blackstone. 


He was the owner, or at least it’s only inhabitant, of Boston and the Boston Common.  William Blackstone helped establish the Puritan's by showing them the only source of fresh water in Boston, as spring on now Spring Street, another stop on our tour.  

By 1633 nearly 1000 puritans had moved to William Blackstone's land, what you now know as Boston.  And it was getting a little too crowded for William’s liking. 

So, in William fashion, he sold his land to the Puritan's, now known as the Boston Common, hopped on his bull and road off to Rhode Island to live in seclusion. 


The puritan’s named the city Boston.  After the city of the same name in England.   


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Listen to the Freedom Trail intro below!


Freedom Trail Historic Boston Intro

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The tour begins just outside of the Boston Common Visitors Center, the start of the historic Freedom Trail.  


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