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Ghosts of the Blind Tiger Pub Charleston

The Blind Tiger Pub is known for their excellent grub, the best patio in Charleston and their ghostly residents who go bump in the night.

The term Blind tiger originated from the days of prohibition when the sale of alcohol was illegal.

Pubs had a big problem. In order to stay in business, they developed a clever solution to thrive. Instead of selling alcohol they sold tickets to see striped pigs, blind pigs and blind tigers. With a purchase of a ticket to see the blind tiger patrons were offered free alcoholic drinks. Alcohol flowed like a fountain.

Locals say broad street here was the seediest of all and home to many of those fine Blind Tiger Establishments.

The building was built in 1803. And over the last 200 years it has been the site of drinking, gambling and all together debauchery. Which is sure to kick up some ghostly spirits.

The most famous haunted patron of the Blind Tiger is the woman in black. Guests and staff have reported seeing her apparition floating around the bar. Her full-dress dangles below as she slowly passes by. She may be in search of another forbidden drink. Or maybe she just wants to see the Blind Tiger.

It’s said her ghostly spirit is the jealous type. Maidens who drink here have reported spirits tugging on their hair when they get close to their hunky men. But when they turn to find the culprit, they only see thin air.

Besides ghosts, their patio is also worth the visit. It’s got the good ole southern charm.


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