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Benjamin Franklin's Birthplace in Boston on the Freedom Trail

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in a small house on Milk street right here in Boston.

Ben was the 10th of 17 children. I bet he didn’t get much attention. At the age of 10 Benjamin Franklin Dropped out of school, and his future looked dim.

When Franklin was 12, he joined his brother James printing business, which became the first newspaper in Boston named “The New England Currant.”

It was here that Franklin sharpened his skills with the written word. Under the pen name Silence Dogood, Ben wrote letters to the paper with advice, political opinions, and moral stances on how women were treated. Silence became an instant hit and readers wanted more.

But at the time no one knew it was the young Benjamin Franklin writing these pieces. With his initial success, at the age of 17 Ben left Boston and moved to Philadelphia to set out on his own.

And that’s where he changed history.

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