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The Best Cannoli in Boston

First things first. It’s a common misconception that cannoli means one piece of this tasty desert. Cannoli is actually the plural form and Cannolo is singular. So, when you order you should ask “Can I have one Cannolo please.” Unless you want more. Then by all means ask for 10 Cannoli. You’re on holiday. Go for it.

With that out of the way, back to the main topic, what makes a great cannolo?

There are two key elements to making a great Cannolo.

First the shell. It’s the vessel. It should be crisp and crunchy. A soggy shell is the first sign of a lousy cannoli, that is why freshly made are best. The taste of the shell itself is up to preference. In modern twists they are given more flavor. A popular version is the Florentine Cannoli adding a sweet and nutty flavor to the crunch. Oh, mama mia, it’s a good.

The second important element is the filling. It must be fresh. It must be light. It must be tasty. Not too grainy, light, fluffy and smooth.

Lucky for you, we know the best cannoli joints in Boston, right in the North End. We’re not talking about those tourist traps on Hanover street. These are the real deal cannoli shops, where the locals eat.

On the Great Cannoli Walking Tour we will visit 4 Cannoli shops, I’ll share story of the Italian immigrants, we will see the Prado, Old North where Paul Revere saw those lanterns, hear about why Sicilian immigrants came to Boston, discover immigrant stories, the rise of the Mafia and walk down historic Salem street. You will also learn a bit of the history of Cannoli. Mama mia, your friends will all be jealous. Join me for my tasty adventure in the North End, Boston.

Get the WalknTours app, on iPhone and Android at the links below:

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